Eden Reign is the author of the Indigo Elements series, which includes River Running, Wind Winging, Ember Emerging, and Sand Singing. She has also written the Solmari Suite Series, featuring The Eighth Octave and following novels. She writes primarily romantic fantasies set in times that evoke earlier eras, and in which she includes–as often as possible–her favorite color (indigo) and her favorite treat (chocolate eclairs).

Masquerade mask

Eden Reign is the pseudonym for a team of two novelists who write together. Emily June Street lives in northern California, and Tamara Shoemaker lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and via the magic of internet, they met and developed a writing career over the course of a few years.
Emily writes strong, colorful, and gritty fantasies with exquisite world-building and conflicted, dark characters (see her Tales of Blood and Light series available on Amazon), and Tamara writes young adult epic and urban fantasies replete with dragons, magic, romance, intrigue, and more (check out her Guardian of the Vale and Heart of a Dragon trilogies). They combine their strengths for Eden Reign’s name and together write historical romantic fantasies set in familiar times and places, but in parallel worlds.