Goals: July 2018

I think I did a little better this month in keeping on track with my goals. I guess I’ll find out as I do my customary review here.

In June my goals were:

Finish TSS Revision.

Check, although what really happened was that I got to the ending of the book and realized the concluding chapters needed a full rewrite. So that rewrite will be on my July goals list.

Final TEO revision before copyedits/proofing.

Check! I finished this revision by the skin of my teeth yesterday. After a few more tweaks it will go to the hawk-eyed proofreader for a final review. I am estimating that it may be ready to be published on August 1–but that date is not set in stone just yet.

eMarketing: email newsletter 

Check! I wrote my first update/newsletter in which I revealed The Eighth Octave’s cover and began a River Running giveaway. In general, those who subscribe to the newsletter will get to see future cover reveals and giveaways first! Want to subscribe to my email list? Click here!

Book Review: Outlander 

Check! You can read my review of a romance giant here.

Blog Post

Check! I got clever and combined my blog post with my newsletter. If you missed the update and the cover reveal for The Eighth Octave, you can see it here.


Here are my goals for July:

  1. Final proofs and formatting for The Eighth Octave. My tentative pub date is 8/1!
  2. Start Indigo Elements Book Two Wind Winging revision. This is the next book after River Running, with a new hero and heroine!
  3. Finish The Seventh Symphony conclusion rewrite. I have about 4 chapters that need to be rewritten.
  4. Book Review: Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound, by Rosamund Hodge
  5. Blog Post: Probably something to do with The Eighth Octave
  6. Start promoting The Eighth Octave!

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