Goals: June 2018

Hmmm … this goal-setting thing might work better if I sometimes came back to review the goals I made way back around the first of the month. Unfortunately, there was one on last month’s list that I entirely forgot about, so needless to say, it didn’t get done!

Let’s review last month’s goals and refresh the aging memory, shall we?

Finish The Seventh Symphony revision
Well, I worked very hard at this all month, but I didn’t quite finish. I still have about 6 chapters to go. That said, I feel I deserve a check since I really did buckle down and work diligently on this particular task, devoting all my available writing time to it. So check!

Plan/outline The Sixth Key
This would be the one that I forgot about as I concentrated all my efforts on The Seventh Symphony. So … no check on account of memory loss.

Book review: Firelight by Kristen Callihan
Check! Yes! I did it. I feel very committed to my book reviews. Read the review here.

Blog post on a mystery topic
Check! I opted for a list of my 10 favorite romantic fantasy books. See the list here.

River Running Giveaway with Booksweeps, plus my first newsletter!
Check! The giveaway gave us a nice padded out email list. Sadly our first email had to be about a new requirement to double check to make sure subscribers really want to subscribe, so this was less than climactic. Perhaps I can come out with a more exciting newsletter next month.

Speaking of next month … here are my goals for June!

  1. Finish TSS Revision: Only six more chapters to go!
  2. Final TEO revision before copyedits/proofing: I have som beta reader feedback to apply.
  3. eMarketing: email newsletter Like I said, I hope it will be much more exciting than my first one. Want to subscribe to my email list. Click here!
  4. Book Review: Outlander 
  5. Blog Post: Topic unknown, but probably a list!

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