5 Words That Aren’t Words (But Should Be)

From my friend (and fellow author) Elizabeth Kipps. I found these five words to be absolutely delightful, and dare I say it… sensical?

Most definitely sensical.

Check out her blog and come up with some non-word words of your own. 🙂

Elizabeth Kipps

According to Google, the 2nd Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary contains entries for 171,476 different words in current use. Add to that number 41,156 words categorized as “obsolete”, and somewhere in the neighborhood of 9,500 derivative sub-entries.

My first point is this: That’s a lot of words.

And my second point is this: It’s still not enough.

The fact is, my love of words is such that the Dictionary simply cannot contain it. Sometimes, there are no existing words that mean just what you wish to say. In such cases, what can one do but make them up?

Roald Dahl, a great friend to me in childhood, was a master at this. In fact, some of his invented words and phrases have even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary (including my personal favorite, scrumdiddlyumptious). I would also advocate for the additions of kiddles, vermicious, dreadly, frumpet, gollup…

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