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My 10 Favorite Fantasy Books with Romantic Elements

OutlanderOutlander: Detailed historical research, a timeless premise, deep characters, brilliant, epic romance.




EitAEmber in the Ashes: Adventure, danger, drama, suspense.




Game of ThronesGame of Thrones: Nail-biting action, compelling characters, amazing patience in story-development. I hope the pay off is worth it. And Jon and Dany better have a happily-ever-after…



The Dark Days ClubDark Days Club: Complex magic system, slow-burning romance, Darcy-ish hero. What’s not to love?




GracelingGraceling: Elaborate world-building and high stakes




Princess BrideThe Princess Bride: A classic of fantasy and romance, full of humor and wit.




Grave MercyGrave Mercy: Surprisingly juicy given that the heroine is a nun. An assassin nun, no less.




DarkfeverDarkfever: A hot concoction of fantasy and spice. This is a guilty pleasure.




The GanteanThe Gantean: Detailed, complex, unique.




Kindle the Flame - Small CopyKindle the Flame: No one on this list did dragons better. Also– DRAGONS. And drama, and war, and love.






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