Goals: May 2018

My goals for May have a new theme: time management. I’m working at the day job for more hours, and that means I have to make better use of the hours I have available to write, especially when I have so much to do. Last month my goals were:

  • The Seventh Symphony revision/The Sixth Key planning

I’m giving myself a check for this, even though I didn’t get it fully completed. I did work on it every single day this month, but it was a big job that probably couldn’t be completed in a single month. The Seventh Symphony was my NANOWRIMO book for 2017, and like many NANO drafts, it was a mess when I finally opened it to see what I had created last November. At any rate, I’m working through the big developmental revisions and the continuity issues with The Eighth Octave, and hope to complete the revision sometime in May. I didn’t get to do much planning for The Sixth Key, but I did jot down a few notes as I read The Seventh Symphony. I know my two leads for the book, at any rate.

  • Blog Post: A River Running-themed post.

Check! I made a fun cast list blog post with pictures showing how I imagine each of the main characters in River Running. Have a look at it here and let me know if my images match the ones in your head as you read the book.

  • Book review:The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman.

Check! This was probably my favorite book that I’ve reviewed so far in my book review feature. You can read the review here.

  • Other promo projects:

Oh dear. I get a big empty box for this one. What with starting a new job, entertaining a new puppy, and scrambling to finish a variety of projects, once again I neglected promotion. Next month I have a plan; I’m giving myself one specific promotional task to complete.

My goals for May are:

1) Finish The Seventh Symphony revision: In April I completed my preliminary read-through to get my bearings and see what needed to be done. Now it is time to actually do the revisions and the big chunks of rewriting to get this book into shape.

2) Plan/outline The Sixth Key, the third book in the Solmari Suite: I have a list of ideas and notes already begun from my read-through of TSS last month. I will add to this as I do revisions, and come up with a rough plot outline this month. I have a general idea of my villain and the overall conflict of the book, but I need to fill in some important details.

3) Book review: Firelight by Kristen Callihan: The book is read, I just need to write the review!

4) Blog post on a mystery topic: I’m sure the suspense of what I will write is killing you.

5) River Running Giveaway with Booksweeps, plus my first newsletter! This is my specific promotional task that I will focus on in May.


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