Goals: April 2018

I had such high hopes for March as a month to catch up and get ahead. Alas, it was not to be, and somehow I find myself at the end of March with even more on my do-list than I had at the end of February. April is going to be all about realism: what can I really do with the small amount of time available.
My March goals were:

This goal I can unreservedly give a big, happy CHECK. Release day on March 6th came off well, with a bunch of giveaways and winners. I had a great time interacting with people on Facebook and I hope some folks bought River Running. If you haven’t bought it, you still can, right here. When you’ve read it, warm an author’s heart and leave a review!

  • Book Review: These Vicious Masks, by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas

CHECK! If you’d like to read the review, head over here.

  • Finish final edits on The Eighth Octave and send it out to beta readers.

Look at that, another CHECK– maybe I’m not struggling as much as I thought! I’ve received some feedback already, but still waiting for more before I head into another revision.

  • Submit River Running to some book bloggers in hopes of pushing publicity and finding its market niche.

Hmmm. This would be a big, fat, zero. I didn’t even consider this or research it. Oops.

  • Let’s try researching contests again. It’s a good idea; I just need to get it done.

Hmmm. Hmmm. Yeah. Apparently this isn’t something I like to do. Eclairs may be required as a motivational tool.

My goals for April are:
1) The Seventh Symphony revision/The Sixth Key planning: I’m planning to read  my rough, rough draft of The Seventh Symphony for the very first time. I’m hoping my latest read-through of The Eighth Octave is fresh enough in my mind to help me work through the continuity issues that are sure to crop up. Then, I hope to make a rough outline for Book Three in the Solmari Suite– The Sixth Key.
2) Blog Post: A River Running-themed post. Admit it; you’re tantalized.
3) Book review: The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman. Look for this post around the middle of the month.
4) Other promo projects: Video, book trailer, giveaways, contests. I have a whole bunch of ideas for promotional projects swimming around in my head, it’s just hard to find the time to manifest them. The hardest part of being a writer for me is this task of marketing. I don’t enjoy it, and I’d rather spend my limited time on other activities, so generally, I do. I’m not sure what it will take to push me over the marketing roadblock. Eclairs may be the best starting point.

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