Goals: March 2018

ChecklistFebruary has been a whirlwind, and I must say, a struggle in the writing-related field as well. Perhaps I was too ambitious for such a short month, perhaps it was simply the side-effect of the post-Christmas wintery blues, but whatever the reason, I fell short of a few of my goals. I’m glad that never happens to anyone else. Right? Right?!

My goals were, as follows:

  • Finish up ultimate details for River Running‘s release on March 6th. What’s left is  finalizing the two gorgeous maps that will be included at the front of the book and grinding out the digital and print proofs for last checks. So close!

Check! Well, mostly. There will only be one map in the front of River Running. I couldn’t get the other one to my satisfaction, so I chose not to include it. Even so, River Running is beautiful and as adorned as she can be for her upcoming release. I’ve got several brand new copies sitting in my bedroom waiting for a book signing coming up on March 3rd, and they catch my eye every time I walk by. If you’ve not picked up your copy yet, get it today! Or preorder the book to give my ranking stats a boost on release day, so don’t wait. 🙂

  • Create and sustain a long-term marketing plan for not only River Running, but upcoming novels as well. Some of this is already accomplished via the magic of social media. But I’m throwing more ideas into the barrel as I go.

Half-check, I guess you could say. I’ve got a spreadsheet. It’s pretty. I’ve added to the spreadsheet. But I haven’t done a lot with it yet. I signed up for a couple of upcoming promotions, and I’ve consistently posted all over social media for the last month. But I still want to do a lot more, marketing-wise.

  • Post my second book review somewhere mid-month (An Ember in the Ashes; I’m about halfway through at the moment).

Done! Did you read the review? I’m now reading through the second book in the series: A Torch Against the Night, which, title-befitting, is a much darker book than the first one. I’m enjoying it, though.

  • Return to final edits on the first of my Solmari Suite series, entitled The Eighth Octave, and make some decisions about what direction I want to take this series–indie or traditional publishing. Anyone out there have an opinion?

Check! A rather last-minute check. I just finished this editing pass yesterday. Now all I need to do is format the draft and send it out to the next round of beta readers.

  • Research contests in which to enter River Running in the next year or so.

No check, not even a little tiny one. Sigh. I’ll try to do better with this next month.

March is a longer month than February, three days longer! That’s 72 hours of extra time to play with! So, with that encouraging thought, here are my March goals:

  • Release River Running into the Wild! March 6th, Release Day, will be full of giveaways and prizes for those who stop by my Facebook page, so be sure to visit for your chance at those. Also, for those of you local to the east coast and the Shenandoah Valley, don’t miss the Waynesboro AuthorFest, where I’ll be with brand new print copies of River Running. I’ll be glad to autograph them and hand them over to fresh eyes and eager readers.
  • Book Review: This month I’ll be reading and reviewing These Vicious Masks, by Tarun Shanker and Kelly Zekas. Next month’s selection (for April): The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman!
  • Finish final edits on The Eighth Octave and send it out to beta readers.
  • Submit River Running to some book bloggers in hopes of pushing publicity and finding its market niche.
  • Let’s try researching contests again. It’s a good idea; I just need to get it done.

Let me know what you think of River Running once you have a chance to read it! I’m excited to read reviews! Also, if you’d like to keep up with my many projects, don’t forget to follow this blog, my Facebook page, my Twitter feed, or my Instagram. I value you!

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