Goals: February 2018

One thing I’ve admired among certain authors I’ve followed is their consistent discipline of posting monthly goals, and their honesty in meeting (or not meeting, as the case may be) those goals.

I’ve decided to do the same. A.) It’s a way of letting you know what I’m up to and counting down with me to release days for various novels, and B.) it keeps me accountable.

So, since this is my first Goals post, I don’t have any “done” notifications, but I’ve got a slew of ideas for February. Here they are, as follows:

  • Finish up ultimate details for River Running‘s release on March 6th. What’s left is  finalizing the two gorgeous maps that will be included at the front of the book and grinding out the digital and print proofs for last checks. So close!
  • Create and sustain a long-term marketing plan for not only River Running, but upcoming novels as well. Some of this is already accomplished via the magic of social media. But I’m throwing more ideas into the barrel as I go.
  • Post my second book review somewhere mid-month (An Ember in the Ashes; I’m about halfway through at the moment).
  • Return to final edits on the first of my Solmari Suite series, entitled The Eighth Octave, and make some decisions about what direction I want to take this series–indie or traditional publishing. Anyone out there have an opinion?
  • Research contests in which to enter River Running in the next year or so.

Now, let’s see if I can make all that happen in the shortest month of the year. We’ll see.

And of course, if you haven’t had a chance to place your preorder for River Running, click on this link and make it happen! I can’t wait to see what you think of Manda and Jackson’s historical romantic fantasy.


War. Oppression. Prejudice. Impossible Love.

RR Promo Forest

Firemage Jackson Coal returns to his indigo plantation after the war, haunted by visions of battles and bloodshed. The country of Arcana, as well as his own family, lies in ruins, and Jackson cannot eradicate his painful memories. But Grey Lake, Jackson’s troublesome new halfmage ward, requires a governess, and Jackson must find an appropriate candidate. Manda Rivers’s mysterious background shadows Jackson’s choice, but the beautiful young woman is the only candidate who will take on the task of educating an illegal child in the household of a reviled rebel.

Manda’s secrets will endanger both Jackson and Grey if it becomes known that she is an illegal halfblood watermage like her ward. In a society where Manda and her kind are persecuted, she faces increasing hostility from the fullblood fanatics who won the war.

Arcana’s political tensions reignite, and a powerful secret society launches an attack on Coalhaven, Manda, Jackson, and Grey. Amidst danger and elemental magic, forbidden love ignites, but in a world torn by prejudice and oppression, can love truly conquer all?



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